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On 08/17/2016 I took a road trip down to Jones County, Georgia..  It is pretty country down there in Jones County, with rolling hills, forested lands, meadows and waterways. I could have spent all day just riding through the countryside. The only thing is, I didn’t go to Jones County to sight see.

My mission that day was to research property deeds at the County Courthouse, located in Gray, Georgia. I was on the hunt for one Deed in particular; John G Snead’s deed to his property. [Read more…]

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Find Relatives Using Tax Records

Tax Records

When Tax Records Help

Using Tax Records

Using tax records to find relatives is as simple as going to the county the family was living in at the time and look for any tax records.

Provided the records for the county weren’t destroyed by fire, flood or other disasters.

A few years ago, I was looking for Great-Great-Grandfather John G SNEAD.

I knew John G had married to his first wife Sarah Beckett JOHNSON in 1826, and knew the couple had moved to Jones County, Georgia between 1826 and 1830.

It was really speculation on my part, but all the things in the Census fit. Well…Almost… (Different story for a different day)It was close enough though. [Read more…]

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Guy Smith SNEAD

Guy Smith SNEAD Photograph

Guy Smith SNEAD  abt 1900

Guy Smith SNEAD

The fourth child and fourth son of John Claiborne and Amanda Smith Snead

Grandson of:

John G SNEAD/Mary Polly BRYANT

Simeon SMITH / Dorinda SMITH

When Guy Smith SNEAD was born on January 23, 1874, in Stone Mountain, DeKalb County, Georgia, his father, John, was 33 and his mother, ‘Milly’, was 34.

According to the Guy Smith SNEAD Family Bible records, on 4 February 1895, Guy Smith Snead married

Permelia Frances MINOR Abt 1940

Permelia Frances MINOR    Abt 1940


Permelia Frances Minor, born March 19, 1876 in Gwinnett County, Georgia Permelia was a daughter to George Washington Minor and Mary E Holt Minor. [Read more…]

Given Names

Given Names As A Guide

Names in the Family

Do Names Come From Other Family Members?

When working with Genealogy and family trees,  ‘SURNAMES’ or ‘FAMILY NAMES’ are instrumental in following the family lineage back for many generations. Sometimes the surname will change in spelling or  ‘STRUCTURE’; Structure meaning an additional Prefix or Suffix being added or dropped from the name.

Surnames are easy to follow in tracing family lines, unless there are several families in the same geographical area with the same surname. In some instances, there are families with the same last name, but have no family connections to each other.

Along with the family not being connected, it can change when two people of the same last Surname marry. So, how can you determine what family member belongs to which. [Read more…]

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Make Family Connections

Family Connections

Family Connections

Making Family Connections

My Great Aunt …MYRTICE AMANDA SNEAD 6th Child and 2nd Daughter of JOHN CLAIBORNE SNEAD and AMANDA SMITH SNEAD was born February 20, 1880 in DeKalb County, Georgia. ‘Aunt Myrt’ married HERMAN MITCHELL of DeKalb County, Georgia on October 7 1900

These past few weeks I have had the pleasure of working with the MITCHELL family and descendants. . I have met more cousins…learned more about the families in the SNEAD Family line…but above all that… I have made ‘New friends and family connections’…and that my family and friends is what it’s all about…

I learned a few things about the family and their backgrounds, helping establish a historical sketch of the SNEAD/MITCHELL family and their movements in and around a specific geographical area for the past 100 years. [Read more…]